A Scientist Who Loved the Eucharist

05-26-2020From the desk of Fr. Villa


His is not a household name but the Servant of God, Enrico Medi (1911-1974) was once a well-known physicist with a degree in theology as well. At one time he was vice president of Euratom and counseled the peaceful use of nuclear energy. He did scientific commentary on TV. A husband and father of six daughters, Medi loved the Eucharist, the priesthood, and was a spiritual son of Padre Pio. He is on the road to beatification. . His heroism and charity was exemplified in 1943 during World War II when he offered his own life to save two men condemned to be shot. They were spared and his life was not taken. Some items and thoughts from this scientist and faithful Catholic:

Concerning science and the Catholic Faith, he emphasized that truth is one and it all comes from God, the Truth, hence there can be no real conflict between the Faith and science. Science is investigation of the natural order which expresses the will of God and Faith and theology deal with truths above the natural order, also the will of God. The will of God is one. The false philosophy of scientism seeks to reduce all reality to what can be experimented with and measured or quantified, but reality is larger than what can be experimented with, measured, or quantified.

Concerning Padre Pio, he remarked: Padre Pio's Mass was to physically relive all the agony of Gethsemane, Calvary, Crucifixion and death. When we attended Mass, we saw the anxiety of a creature who on one hand was taken by immense suffering, on the other, he did not want this suffering to be poured out on the brothers he had beside him. Like the Lord on Calvary.

He reminds priests: Fathers, I am not a priest and was never even worthy of being an altar boy. You know I always asked myself how you can live after having said Mass. Every day you have God in your hands. As the great king St. Louis of France used to say, you have “in your hands the King of Heaven, and at your feet a king on earth.” Every day you have the power that Michael the Archangel did not have. With your words you transform the substance of a piece of bread into that of the Body of Jesus Christ in Person. You obligate God to come down on earth! This is the greatest power that can exist. He reminded priests that they need to be saints and that their vocation is not the same as the layperson’s. The priest’s real task is to make Christ Present, to forgive sins. He needs to stay close to the altar. He needs to be in the company of the Lord. The Church’s Synod on the Laity reminds the layperson that his or her task is the sanctification and evangelization of the secular world.

The Lord says to all of us but especially to you, Fathers: Keep me company. Say something to me. Give me your smile. Remember I love you. Say to me only that I love you. I will cover you with every consolation and comfort.