The Saint Benedict Medal

01-01-2021From the desk of Fr. Villa

The Saint Benedict Medal St. Benedict (born at Nursia, Italy, in 480) had a profound veneration for the holy Cross and for our Savior Crucified. In virtue of the Sign of the Cross, he wrought many miracles and exercised great power over the spirits of darkness. In consequence of the great veneration in which St. Benedict was held from the early Middle Ages, it followed that a Medal was struck, one side of which represents St. Benedict holding the Cross in one hand and the Holy Rule in the other. Around the image of St. Benedict are these words in Latin: "May his presence protect us in the hour of death." St. Benedict has ever been the patron of the dying, because of the circumstances attending his own most glorious death, for he breathed forth his soul while standing in prayer before the Most Blessed Sacrament.

The reverse of the Medal shows the image of the Cross. Around the margin are the initials of Latin words which form verses supposed to have the originated with the holy Father Benedict himself. The English translation is:

"Begone Satan! Suggest not to me thy vain things. The cup thou offert me is evil; drink thou thy poison." In the angles formed by the arms of the Cross are the letters C.S.P.B., signifying "Cross of the holy Father Benedict." The letters on the Cross itself have this meaning: "May the holy Cross be my light; let not the dragon be my guide."

No special way of carrying or applying the Medal is prescribed. It may be worn around the neck, attached to the scapular or the Rosary, or otherwise carried about one's person.

Often it is placed in the fields, the foundations of buildings or attached to automobiles to call down God's blessing and the protection of St. Benedict. No particular prayer is prescribed as the devout wearing itself is a continual silent prayer.

Purposes of the Medal

The medal of St. Benedict is the most highly indulgenced medal in the Catholic Church. When the exorcism blessings are applied by a Benedictine Priest, the medal has power over evil: storms, poisons, pestilence, the devil's legions, etc. You must use the medal by calling down the intercession of St. Benedict. (Use by dipping in liquids, placing on/in important machinery, structures, etc.)

On many feast days of Our Lord, the Blessed Mother, the Apostles, and many saints, it is possible to gain a plenary or partial indulgence by carrying or wearing the medal; invoking the intercession of St. Benedict; and, praying for the abolishment of heresy.

The following is a partial list of the many pious purposes of the Medal of St. Benedict:

  1. It wards off from both the soul and body all dangers arising from the devil.
  2. The Medal is powerful in obtaining for sinners the grace of conversion.
  3. It obtains protection and aid for persons tormented by the evil spirit, and in temptations against holy purity.
  4. It procures assistance in the hour of death.
  5. It has often proved an efficacious remedy for bodily sufferings, and a means of protection against contagious diseases.
  6. Expectant mothers have obtained special assistance for a safe delivery.
  7. In time of storms, tempests and other dangers on land and sea it has been found to be a protection.
  8. Even domestic animals have been visibly aided by it when infected with disease.