The Meaning of “INRI” On the Cross of Jesus

02-22-2023From the desk of Fr. Villa

In Exodus 20.2 God reveals his name to Moses: "I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt". The word translated with “the Lord” is the famous Tetragrammaton (Greek for “four-letter”) that the Jews cannot even pronounce and Christians should reverence: “YHWH“, vocalized in various ways including “Yahweh“. The four Hebrew letters that compose it are these: “יהוה “, yod-he-waw-he. Remember that Hebrew is read from right to left.


But the Mass is not a supper...

02-19-2023Weekly Reflection

Vatican news commentator, Sandro Magister, recently commented on Pope Benedict’s book , which came out after his death, called What Christianity Is and its comments on the sacrifice of the Mass. Here are some bullet points from Magister’s essay and then from an excerpt from Benedict’s book. You can read the whole commentary and essay here.


Where Are the Children? The Death-Cult of Eco-Feminism

02-12-2023Weekly Reflection

“The end of the family is threefold: to provide its members in body and mind with the necessities for an ordered life; to bring up the children; to be the cell of society. Upon these individual social existential ends rests the primacy of the family among all other social units, including the state…(T)he family is prior to the state and holds natural rights which the state is bound to recognize…”


Reading the Bible

02-05-2023Weekly Reflection

For the Fathers* (of the Church), tradition** presents first the content of the Scriptures, which contain in one way or another all that is necessary to live as God wishes us to, and it interprets the meaning of the Scriptures. In fact, this meaning is not given clearly by Scripture itself and is found, in a certain way, outside it. To understand this fully, it would be necessary to develop the traditional conception of how the sacred texts should be read for a true perception and enjoyment of God’s Word. The divine Scriptures are regarded as a kind of sacrament: a grace-bearing sign that effectively realizes communion with God, and salvation, when it is used in the right conditions.


Lent, Ash Wednesday, and Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus


The devotion that characterizes the Tuesday preceding the Ashes (beginning of Lent) can help us to intensify our adoration and trust in the Lord Jesus. The devout practice was born from the invitation addressed by the Blessed Virgin Mary in May 1938 he appeared with a scapular in his hand to Sister Pierina De Micheli who was praying before the Blessed Sacrament in her convent in Milan.