Message to St. Paul the Apostle School Parents

Parish News

The parish received the news of the closing of St. Paul the Apostle regional school by the Archdiocese. It is a blow to Mrs. Mallardi the Principal of the school and the administration and especially you the parents of the children of St. Paul's and the parish. The parish is NOT closing and the Religious Education Program is also NOT closing. In the letter from the Archdiocese announcing the closings, it states the following:

The Office of the Superintendent of Schools will work closely with each affected family, to help find a neighboring Catholic school for the fall. The directors of enrollment will provide each family with information and answer any questions that they may have, whether they are about enrollment, transportation or tuition. The best resource for continually updated information will always be The superintendent’s office is dedicated to working in coordination with the teachers’ union to do everything it can to help faculty of the affected schools to find employment within the Archdiocesan school system The best resource for updated information will always be

St. Joseph's School, Bronxville reached out and indicated that they would be receptive to accepting students from St. Paul's The number to call is 337-0261. The Principal is Mary Ellen Sanchez.