Detente* Badge

06-19-2020From the desk of Fr. Villa

In the year 1720, during an outbreak of plague in France, our Lord Jesus Christ gave a promise to one Venerable Ana Magdalena Remuzat, saying that if the city would devote itself to His Sacred Heart and wear this sacramental, they would be spared from the disease. And by His divine promise and the faithful wearing of this shield, they were! Perfectly relevant for our time now when Corona-Virus is afflicting us. Let us devote ourselves to Jesus' Sacred Heart and the promise of resting in Him with confidence.

In 1870, Blessed Pius IX said this about the Detente: "It is a heavenly thought: It does come from Heaven. I give my blessing to this Heart and I want all those who conform to this model to receive this same blessing without needing any other. Furthermore, I want the devil to have no power over those who carry this Heart." Pope Pius IX granted a partial indulgence to those who carry the Detente.

  • Is a sign of fidelity to the Heart of Jesus Christ.
  • Is a coat of arms that ennobles us.
  • Is a wall that defends us.
  • Is a magnet that draws the eyes and thanks of Jesus on us.
  • Is a lightning rod that removes from us the punishments of God.
  • Is a perennial prayer for us of Jesus, supplicating to the Father.
  • Is a Heart that beats next to ours.
  • Shows the heroism of the devotees of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

*Latin for "release from tension". Also known as the Stop-B