History of St. Paul the Apostle Parish

The parish of St. Paul the Apostle was founded in 1923. At that time there were eleven (11) churches in West Yonkers and four (4) in East Yonkers.

Within the present parish boundaries in those days there were seventy-four homes. Today on one square block forty-seven homes can be counted. Streets running north and south from McLean Ave. to Yonkers Ave. had not been opened. Footpaths between those two points made passage possible. St. Paul the Apostle, Lincoln Park and St. Anthony of Nepera Park both shared 1923 as foundation time.

Original St. Paul the Apostle Church (R): The lower portion of the church was completed in 1924 and the cornerstone was set by Patrick Cardinal Hayes. On April 16, 1926 the church was finished and Mass was celebrated that day as the tower clock struck 10.

Father David Morley the first Pastor responsible for the construction of the church was pleased when the work was completed in 1925. This Romanesque structure of St. Paul’s followed the design of St. Denis Church a few blocks west in Yonkers on Van Cortland Park Avenue built in 1910.

The rectory, 602 McLean Ave., supposedly built in 1898 was the location for the altar where one mass was celebrated daily and Sunday in the living room. An addition to the rectory was made in 1928 to accommodate three priests.

Children for First Communion and Confirmation were taught by Franciscan Nuns whose house was located at the present schoolyard. In addition they offered to girls training in typing, piano and sewing.

Father Morley became the Chaplain to the Sacramentine Sisters in Yonkers in 1949. The new pastor Monsignor James Ryan had the task of Building a parish school when he began his tenure. That great work was completed in 1952. Since then 1,439 students have graduated. Most graduates in those years were taught by the Sisters of the Presentation, Newburgh, NY.