Sign the Petition to Pope Francis to Stop the conference at the Vatican, Exploring the Mind Body & Soul

04-26-2021From the desk of Fr. Villa

This conference is scheduled for May 6 to May8. The cover-photo on the conference-website features spoof of Michelangelo’s Creation of Man in the Sistine chapel. It has God’s hand Adam’s hand touching with rubber gloves. The invited to the Conference are a number of individuals who support abortion, population control via abortion/contraception, new age pseudo-religions and big pharmacy. Involved in this is a concerted effort on the part of many institutions to invent a universal religion superseding particular religions to create a universal religion uniting humanity. This has been the goal of Freemasons, secularists, some atheists, and various political ideologies. The will of Jesus is that all be united as one in Him in His Church. Click on this link to sign the petition and learn more about this Conference:

Moscow’s Assault on the Vatican The KGB made corrupting the Church a priority.

04-25-2021Weekly ReflectionIon Mihai Pacepa (edited)

Battling the Church

In February 1960, Nikita Khrushchev approved a super-secret plan for destroying the Vatican’s moral authority in Western Europe…Up until that time, the KGB had fought its “mortal enemy” in Eastern Europe, where the Holy See had been crudely attacked as a cesspool of espionage in the pay of American imperialism, and its representatives had been summarily jailed as spies. Now Moscow wanted the Vatican discredited by its own priests, on its home territory, as a bastion of Nazism.


The Easter Duty and Confession

04-18-2021Weekly Reflection

The second precept of the Church (“You shall confess your sins at least once a year.") The third precept (“You shall humbly receive your Creator in Holy Communion at least during the Easter season.") The Easter Season for this purpose extends from the 1st Sunday of Lent until Trinity Sunday.

Objections to Confession and Catholic Responses

Objection #1 – Only God can forgive sin. It is true that only God can forgive sin (on His own authority). God is the Person forgiving sin in Confession.


Pray for the Conversion of China

04-11-2021Weekly Reflection

It was a staple of the Church in the Cold War era to pray for the conversion of Russia. The Soviet regime was a fierce enemy of the Church and a great persecutor of Catholics and orthodox Christians. Josef Stalin was the architect of mass murder. Christians were murdered or sent to the Gulag, a network of concentration camps, which were in existence before the Nazi camps. Millions upon millions died in these camps. This was documented by Alexander Solzhenitsyn in his book The Gulag Archipelago.


What Does Hell Really Mean?

04-04-2021Weekly Reflection

Our contemporaries, including sadly many Christians, reject the notion of hell as something incompatible with God’s love and mercy. In fact there have been those who maintain that, at the end, even Satan will be reconciled to God, a false-teaching called apocatastasis, meaning a restoration to the original state. The Church has rejected this as contrary to the teachings of the Faith.